A CHIP shop boss has apologised after a mum claimed she was served "raw" battered sausages,

Jenna Smith from Tolladine, Worcester said the sausages from the Rose Avenue Fryer weren’t even fit for animals.

She is now calling for the chippy to be closed down.

The mother visited the chip shop in Tolladine Road on Tuesday afternoon to get lunch for her and her two children.

She said: “The kids had already taken bites out of their battered sausages, but I opened mine up to check first as I can be fussy with things like that. When I realised they were pink I felt sick – my children could have suffered with awful food poisoning. I took them straight back and asked for my money back. The lady serving even said they were raw after cutting one in half - she offered me another sausage but I couldn’t think of anything worse. I will never set foot in there again. The place needs shutting down.”

Harjinder Sandhu, general manager of the chip shop admitted the sausages shouldn’t have been sold. When it was put to him the sausages were raw, he said: “The sausages are not the ones we usually use. We have thrown that box out now and refunded the woman. We are only human, sometimes mistakes are made. We apologise for any upset that may have been caused.”

Rose Avenue Fryer, currently operating from a van under the name Rose Avenue Express, was given a one-star food hygiene rating – the second worst, after zero, meaning “major improvement is necessary” – after an inspection in January.