A school in Worcestershire is preparing for the return of pupils and staff with the introduction of social distancing.

Kempsey Primary School has been looking after around 30 children of key workers during the coronavirus lockdown and has put in place a series of measures to limit the spread of coronavirus.

These include spots on the floor where pupils can stand ensuring they maintain social distancing, directional arrows on the floor to create a one way system and developing a system of groups to help contain the groups of pupils if and when they return.

Head teacher Bryony Baynes said: "Obviously this all depends on the government's five tests being met, but we are looking at what we can do to make sure the school is as safe as possible.

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"We are still ultimately waiting for the Prime Minister to say it is definitely safe."

Along with the practical measures being put in place, Mrs Baynes said letters are being sent out to parents with information so they can make their own decision on their children's return to school.

She added: "It is a tricky one, but we are doing what we can to make it as safe as possible while also making the children and staff comfortable.

"We want them to be at ease as the school will obviously look and feel different when they return so we need to look at what we can do to reassure them and their parents and make them feel comfortable."

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Part of these measures includes training staff in how to deal with pupils moving around the school while maintaining social distancing, and Mrs Baynes said: "If staff feel comfortable, they will reassure the children and parents.

"At the moment we have only got 30 in, but that will change if and when the others come back, so it is about looking into how we can manage the social distancing - it is a real logistical challenge.

"We are being pro-active and going down the path of saying the school is reopening, all while being aware the situation could change suddenly."