SIR – Could Worcester MP Robin Walker please tell us how he intends to vote on the Government’s Immigration Bill?

The current health crisis has enlightened society as to who really are the lifeblood of a community – people working in retail, deliveries, refuse collection, care homes and hospitals all stand out as truly essential workers.

It is farcical that Boris and his cohorts “clap for carers” and then go on to describe these employees as unskilled.

Priti Patel talks of attracting people of “high wage, high skill”, while Culture Minister Oliver Dowden plans to allow the “brightest and the best from around the world, not just from convenience within Europe”.

Are people who earn more “better”? Are hedge fund managers “skilled”, where hospital porters, retail staff and care workers “unskilled”?

I would be surprised if Robin Walker does in fact show some respect for the people who are the backbone of this country, not with trite words, but with his vote.

Teresa Sadler