A CAFE owner's bright idea to use shower curtains to protect customers from coronavirus has made him 'famous' thanks to high profile TV appearances.

Worcester cafe owner Francini Osorio's bizarre and brilliant ideas have already featured on top-rated Fox News, the dominant subscription news network in the US, where his shower 'drapes' reached an international audience.

The shower curtains at Francini Cafe De Colombia in Angel Place in Worcester are also set to appear on hit BBC satirical news show Have I Got News For You, which Mr Osorio confesses he has never seen.

Programme chiefs have contacted him and he has supplied copies of the photos of the cafe's shower curtains. However, he says he is not motivated by fame but wants to 'wake up businesses to come up with more ideas' and 'start expressing their creativity'.

The story, which featured in the Worcester News first, has also spread to China and Panama and has been mentioned on Channel 5, in the Metro, The Mirror Online and on an Irish radio.

Mr Osorio spent £2,000 on 35 clear plastic shower curtains and invested in a humidifier to purify the air at Francini Cafe De Colombia in Angel Place, ready for when customers return.

However, speaking to the Worcester News yesterday, he said: "If I can be of any help or inspiration then that's brilliant. It's not about making me famous. Let's see if this helps people. They may laugh. I don't care."

Mr Osorio assured critics that the curtains, which divide the tables, will be sprayed regularly to disinfect them. One person, wearing mask and gloves, will escort customers to the table and take orders and bring the bill when lockdown ends.

Two members of staff will be kept separate where they will be prepare food and coffee. Customers will also be encouraged to supply their own masks. Tables will also be cleaned after each use and will be left for 10 minutes between customers.

Gloves will be provided for customers who will be asked to clean their hands with sanitiser as they enter and leave the premises.

However, he fears if social distancing remains in place when he plans to reopen on July 4 then he will be forced to close the business - as will many other business owners.

He hopes to introduce a takeaway service within the next week and a half.

Mr Osorio, who came to the UK from Colombia 33 years ago, gets the coffee from his own farm in Colombia which is 50 to 60 square miles.