SCORES of people have subscribed to our website since we introduced digital subscriptions last month, and I thank them all for supporting trusted local news.

We can no longer rely on sales of the newspaper and advertising revenue to stay sustainable. Although we’ve adapted, the economic impact of coronavirus has hit us hard. Which is why we had to introduce the subscription. It's just £1 a week – and that's only if you want to read more than 40 articles per 30 days, if you read fewer then you don't have to pay a penny; also, articles with key information on coronavirus will remain entirely free, and the subscription gets you fewer adverts and quicker loading on our site – and that money means we can continue to resource professional journalism.

This week, we have reported on stories of both tragedy and hope regarding coronavirus: the funeral of nurse Jodon Gait, who died of Covid-19, and the 440 people who have overcome the virus after being treated at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Your support will allow us to continue to cover the good and bad news in our county. Thank you.

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