BARBERS and hairdressers in Worcester have shown an incredible resilience and ingenuity in the face of the crippling coronavirus crisis.

It is refreshing to hear of their creativity, optimism and good humour despite their frustration and in the face of unprecedented adversity.

Most impressive of all, the painstaking steps they have taken to keep customers safe often in the absence of clear guidance. This has included extra training, sourcing PPE, screens and even restructuring their salons and parlours ready to welcome back their customers. No effort has been spared to keep their loyal customers in the picture using social media.

Judging by some of the bizarre lockdown haircuts on show, the sooner our barbers and hairdressers get back in business the better. They want it. So do we. Because they have to get so close to their customers it is easy to understand how the challenges they face are greater than in many other professions.

We can only hope that they can reopen safely as soon as possible. Lockdown has certainly made us appreciate them all the more.