SIR – I feel compelled to write after reading Tom Banner’s Fair Point (Why should teachers be forced back into school if it’s not safe?, May 22)

Some schools have remained open throughout lockdown, even during the Easter holiday to provide cover and support for the children of key workers and vulnerable children. Sadly other schools have found reasons not to do so.

As well as NHS and care workers many other groups have continued to work, supermarket workers, delivery drivers, public transport operatives all have continued to face the risks and challenges needed to keep the country running.

Teachers are not furloughed, they continue to draw their full salaries and yet are reluctant to return to work.

If in fact as Tom Banner suggests they can provide a similar level of education by remote teaching why have they not all been providing that throughout?

For their well-being children need to be socialising in school and many parents need their children to go to school so that they can return to their own work and some level of normality.

No one can guarantee that there are no risks involved in anything we do but whilst taking reasonable precautions teachers should accept that that applies to them too.

Mary Hines