MANY readers will feel much sympathy for the traders of St John’s.

So far this year, the businesses have suffered disruption from some of the worst flooding in recent times and the unprecedented enforced closures required to battle the coronavirus outbreak.

That they are now facing the potential disruption of more roadworks just as there appears to be a glimmer of hope on the horizon that they may be able to reopen is another blow.

Even the postmaster, whose business has remained open throughout the pandemic, is not looking forward to it so you can only imagine how other dispirited traders feel.

Worcestershire County Council says it is following guidelines set by central government to use the time now for this work before there is more traffic on the roads.

While this may be a case of a little disruption now rather than more disruption later the timing does seem a kick in the teeth for these businesses who have already had a tough year.

As Councillor Richard Udall says: “St John’s has suffered enough.”