AT this point everyone will know the facts of Dominic Cummings' lockdown trip.

Mr Cummings attempted on Monday to explain why he drove 260 miles from his London home to his parents’ farm with his child and ill wife.

He attempted and failed. At the very least what he did was not in the spirit of the rules.

We were told though there was a childcare exception all along that allowed it. It's just no one heard it with all the crucial stay at home messages we heard day after day.

As for the Barnard Castle trip to ‘test his eyesight', anyone attempting to defend that is a fool.

I wrote this last week about claims care homes went into lockdown before the general lockdown, but I might as well repeat it this week as it is very relevant to what we have seen in the last few days:

"Is this playing Emperor's New Clothes? We can all see the truth.

"Or maybe the plan is to say these statements enough times and they become true."

This saga has reached the point it is defending the indefensible and yet the PM and government ministers are still out each day, trotting out the same nonsense excuses.

Of course he has to go and he will at some point.

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For those even now saying it is a non story, 'remainers revenge' after Brexit and the election, I say just take a step back for a minute. Forget party politics, forget Brexit, look at the facts.

This is about trust. The elected officials and the unelected ones at the heart of the government making the rules have to be held to the highest standards.

My biggest fear is people have used this to do what they want in the last few days. In a pandemic this is dangerous stuff, when trying to prevent a second wave.

As for 'scum media' - I think people using that term need to have a rethink. The only part I accept is the paparazzi and circus on his doorstep needs to stop.

But people then talk of the #BeKind campaign, and a witchhunt.

Remember the best way this would have gone away, a resignation or a sacking, never happened. Even an apology would have helped.

In a democracy we have to hold the government to account. Those in it have to be responsible for their actions, and stick to the rules.