NIGEL Huddleston, Mid-Worcestershire’s MP, says he "accepts" the explanation of the lockdown trip carried out by the Prime Minister’s chief aide.

There has been widespread criticism of Dominic Cummings who gave a press conference on Monday to explain why he drove 260 miles from his London home to his parents’ farm with his child and ill wife during the strict lockdown.

And the explanation for a trip to Barnard Castle trip, which the aide said was to test his eyesight, grabbed many of the headlines.

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Fellow county MP Harriet Baldwin, who represents West Worcestershire, came out publicly to call for his resignation on Tuesday. The Bishop of Worcester John Inge spoke publicly on the saga calling for a “better explanation”.

But Mr Huddleston said while he can understand the anger, he still was supporting Mr Cummings.

Mr Huddleston said: “I have received many emails from constituents relating to Mr Cummings and his recent actions, containing a wide range of views and opinions.

“Dominic Cummings set out his account of what happened and made it clear that he believes he did not flout social distancing rules at any point and he explained that he was concerned that he and his wife would not be able to look after their young son if they were about to be badly affected by Coronavirus - and therefore they drove to Durham to be near his family.

“At a Downing Street press conference (on March 24), the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jenny Harries, said parents who are ill and may not be able to look after a child created ‘exceptional circumstances’ where family members could be called upon to help.

“Clearly Mr Cummings believes that his circumstances were exceptional and does not believe he broke the government’s guidelines.

“While I and others may accept this interpretation, I recognise that others may not.

“Some constituents have said that while they appreciate there is an element of personal judgement involved, they expect a higher bar for members of the government. Many individuals and families have made huge personal sacrifices during the lockdown and I can understand the anger and frustration of people who believe others may not have also made such sacrifices.

“We must focus our efforts on the many challenges we still face.”