PEOPLE have continued to disobey bylaws at a dangerous quarry where several people have died in recent years.

Photographs show dozens of people at Gullet Quarry not only not observing social distancing, but also congregating near the water, which is forbidden under Malvern Hills Trust bylaws.

The Malvern Cops Twitter page announced it had removed more people from the quarry over the weekend, with details of those breaking the bylaws being passed on for enforcement.

Photos posted by the police also show large amounts of litter left at the site.

Police have had to move on large groups of people regularly during the recent hot weather. The previous weekend, officers confirmed they had moved 50 people on in a single day from the quarry, which has seen several deaths in recent years.

West Mercia Police had issued a stark warning ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend, saying: “Do not come to Gullet Quarry swimming or climbing over the fencing, you are putting yourself and others lives at risk.”

The notorious beauty spot claimed the lives of Justas Juzenas, aged 22, of Ross-on-Wye and Russell O’Neill, aged 17, of Worcester who both drowned in July 2013 within a week of each other.

There are ‘multiple signs’ warning people not to enter the quarry and Malvern Hills Trust warned of a “triple death risk” at Gullet Quarry from drowning, falling rocks and coronavirus if people are not social distancing at the quarry.