SO that's it then, lockdown over, try your best to social distance.

That seems the basic message now from our leaders. Don't worry though 'staying alert' will save you.

From what has been going on in the last week - in truth since VE Day - it's like the last few months never happened.

Here is the problem, people take their lead from government. I don't need to go into the Cummings effect again, all you need know is when the man who helped write the rules does what he wants many take it as a signal they can too.

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The government says we are taking it slow out of lockdown. If anything it looks too fast. For example for every shouted 'shops reopening', 'horse racing is back', the crucial bit 'but please continue to follow social distancing' is almost whispered at the end.

Of course what happens is people are going to read the headline and miss the key small print.

They may follow poor government messaging, but people should take responsibility for their actions too.

We have been in this pandemic for months. If you don't get it, if you aren't taking it seriously after 60,000 dead, I don't know what will change your mind.

Staggeringly even now the usual rubbish is still being shared on social media - look out for the classic lowlights of it's 'only flu', 'most of the population will have had it by now' and 'it's only people dying with underlying health conditions' (as if their deaths count less).

I bet those tweeting these things and sharing them are the ones irresponsibly going about their lives, holding parties, or on the beaches or parks in large groups leaving the litter.

They are simply Covidiots who just don't care.

People say don't be judgmental, and of course many at the parks or beaches will have been trying to enjoy a trip, while also social distancing.

However too many are spoiling it and with a highly infectious deadly virus like Covid you can't afford to take chances.

I have repeatedly said in these columns the second wave looks inevitable now. I have never been so desperate to be proved wrong on something in my life.

But I can't help feeling we are all living in some kind of Black Mirror episode where the government carries out a UK wide science experiment, with hoped for rather than expected results.