A FAMILY have been left feeling distraught after their beloved dog was killed in a hit and run incident.

The Smith family say they are devastated after losing their pet Sally, a “member of the family” following the tragic incident.

Tash Smith said: “Our family is completely heartbroken; she was more than just a pet which is why it hurts so much.”

The hit and run took place on May 31 at around 8pm along Madresfield Road, in Malvern, just before Madresfield Lodge.

Worcester News:

Tash’s sister, Rebecca, was walking Sally, the eight-year-old Trailhound, who was exploring off her lead by a hedge before she was hit by a car.


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Tash, from Malvern, said: “If the car had not been speeding, as heard by local residents, we believe her death and a lot of heartache could have been prevented.

“We are absolutely devastated. The driver failed to stop. It is against the law to not stop when you’ve hit a dog.

“We are all heartbroken. Sally was more than a family pet, she was a member of the family.”

Worcester News:

The family say they believe the driver that hit Sally was driving a silver Volkswagen. The driver was heading in the direction from Malvern to Worcester Road.

Sally was rescued from the Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter in October 2013 when she was 18 months old.

The family are appealing for anyone to get in touch if they saw anything or have any information about the incident.Witnesses can also contact the police on 101 and quote reference number 582 S 1620.

Tash added: “We are asking for anyone who knows absolutely anything to come forward.

“All garages in Malvern and the surrounding areas please keep an eye out and report anything. There will be significant damage to the passenger side of the car due to the size of Sally and the speed they would have been going.

“We would also like to thank the three cars that stopped and helped us, we were in total shock at the time and so therefore didn’t catch their names/contact details.”

Worcester News:

The family have asked the driver to own up and come forward.

Tash added: “We’d say to the driver if they’re reading this, if you had stopped, we would have had some form of closure and been able to grieve properly.

“As you did not stop, we now have this hanging over us and we can’t focus all of our attention on where it should be which is on remembering Sally.”

A police spokesman said: “On Monday we received a report from a member of the public that the previous evening a dog had been hit by a car at around 8pm on Madresfield Road in Malvern.

“The car, thought to be a silver in colour, is not believed to have stopped following the collision.”