IT is heartwarming to hear Shelly Andon praising her staff.

Care work is generally one of the lowest paid jobs around, but these front line workers have a diverse range of skills used to care for our nearest and dearest who can no longer cope living at home.

They literally have the resident’s lives in their hands - it doesn’t get anymore serious than that.

Her staff have set a benchmark for other care companies as they anticipated a shortage of PPE and made measures to keep vulnerable residents safe and were not left lacking.

The care home embraced cutting edge technology to keep residents connected with the outside world, providing that much-need boost in morale.

A moving examples was a resident seeing her grand-daughter’s maternity scans - I can imagine the look of wonder on the resident’s face on seeing this image, generations connected by technology in that instant.

It sounds like the team at Severn Heights care home have their heart in the right place and I hope this fighting spirit long continues.