SOME facts about Edward Colston, who had the honour of a statue that is finally down.

During Colston's involvement with the Royal African Company (1680 to 1692), it is estimated that the company transported around 84,000 African men, women and children, who had been traded as slaves in West Africa, to the Caribbean and the rest of the Americas - of whom 19,000 died on their journey.

What an 'achievement' to be worthy of a statue.

Campaigners have been calling for the Bristol statue to go for years.

The Prime Minister says "there is a democratic process to follow" to get a statue removed. Very true. Problem is they have tried and tried, all falling on deaf ears.

Campaigners tried to compromise, asking for a simple plaque to put him in context.

Even that was blocked.

Some say this is changing history for a modern audience. The fact is Colston was a slave trader. That's not changing history it's stating the truth.

In 2020 how is he still being celebrated with the honour of a statue?

Yesterday people were still defending Colston. The perfect comparison was drawn between Colston and Jimmy Savile. Should we overlook their crimes as both were philanthropists who donated to charity and funded hospitals?

Obviously criminal damage is not usually to be supported, but when you can't even get a plaque to put history in context I'm not surprised the people of Bristol had enough and took it down themselves.

If someone in power had done the right thing years ago, they would not have had to throw into the harbour.

Imagine having had to have see it every day, walking past it on your way to work.

If you are more angry about the statue coming down then of people being judged on their colour of their skin over centuries in this country and around the world, you need to have a rethink.

History should always be studied in context, statues reserved for people who truly deserve them.

The Black Lives Matter movement is building momentum, and real change will come of it.

The majority are law abiding protesters, social distancing at events. Don't let anything distract from the core message of achieving justice and the end of racism.

Statues are just the start.