A MUM has told of the joy at taking her newborn baby home after he was “brought back from death’s door.”

Rory Lane, described as a “little miracle”, had a rocky start to life after he was born on March 11 at 12.16am at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

His mum, Chloe Woods said “everything seemed fine” until her baby boy started grunting and his oxygen levels were dropping 40 minutes after he was born.

He was diagnosed with a serious heart condition and underwent open heart surgery.

Chloe, from Evesham, said: “Everything seemed absolutely fine, no problems at all and we were so happy and such proud parents. Then our whole world came crumbling down.”

Worcester News:

Baby Rory, who was born weighing 6lbs 6oz, was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit and then transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital the following day.

Chloe added: “We didn’t actually see him again until 10.30am the next day.

“They told us he may not even make the journey because he was so poorly. The journey felt like it lasted a lifetime.”

Rory was diagnosed with a rare heart condition and the parents were told he needed open heart surgery.


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Chloe said: “We were told if he didn’t have the operation he would die. We had no choice but to sign the paperwork. We were told he probably wouldn’t survive. At 11pm that same day, our tiny little boy was back in intensive care and we were told the next 24 hours were critical.

“Looking over a cot, with a little baby covered in wires, tubes and hooked up to so many machines breathing for him and feeding medication to him is absolutely heart-breaking.”

After seven days Rory was breathing on his own and was discharged on March 25.

The mum-of-four said: “That feeling of walking out with our baby going home was the just the best feeling in the world.

“He is our miracle baby and he really was brought back from deaths door.”