A TEACHER has been nominated for the Unsung Hero Award as part of the Worcestershire Education Awards.

Sally Hall, who works at Hallow Primary School has been praised for her caring attitude.

Naheed Sarwar, from Worcester, nominated her son’s teacher saying while her little boy was fighting for his life, Mrs Hall supported the family throughout.

Zain was diagnosed with leukaemia in October 2018 after he was frequently having nosebleeds and showed signs of bruising. He had been in Mrs Hall’s class for six weeks before being rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Naheed said: “She should win this award as she has gone out of her way to support us. In October 2018, Zain was suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia and within the first month he went into septic shock with severe pancreatitis and was taken to the paediatric intensive care unit as he went blue in front of our eyes and his body filled with fluid. He was on a ventilator for six weeks fighting for his life.”

Naheed said Mrs Hall visited her son while he was “fighting for his life every second.”


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Mrs Hall brought an iPad with all his friends and teachers wishing him well and singing him Christmas songs. She added: “She texted or rang frequently every week and without fail came to see us every week at the hospital or at home for the last 15 months.

“She provided us with support at a very difficult time. She sat with Zain whilst we were taking to the doctors about his life saving bone marrow transplant.

“Every bone marrow test she has been there for us praying. And this still goes on as every oncology mum would say, there is not a day when we are not scared.”

Mrs Hall said: “I am totally shocked. As far as I’m concerned they’re like a family to me. I have built a good friendship with Naheed. I was there when he rang the bell (to say his treatment was finished). We were all in tears. He just started coming back to school before lockdown and you could see the beam on his face.”