THERE have been no new coronavirus deaths recorded in Worcestershire hospitals for a week - as new figures reveal which parts of the city have been worst hit by the pandemic.

Public Health England confirmed on Wednesday (June 17) that no new hospitals deaths had been recorded across the county for the seventh day in a row. However, the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows another six people died outside of hospital - taking Worcestershire's confirmed death toll to 503.

More detailed figures, also provided by the ONS, have shown a city suburb was the worst hit by coronavirus.

Fourteen people living in Lower Wick and Bromwich Road died in three months between March and May.

Also badly affected were people living in the Lyppard Grange area, which includes parts of Warndon and borders Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Nine people from that area died from the virus.

A total of six people living in Battenhall and Diglis died.

Worcester’s Henwick area saw five deaths and King George’s Field, which includes some WR3 and WR4 postcodes in Tunnel Hill, Tolladine Road and Brickfields Road, also saw five deaths.

The numbers refer to deaths relating to people living in the area and where coronavirus was mentioned as a cause on the death certificate.

The city saw four recorded virus deaths in March – two in Worcester North, which covers WR1 and some WR3 postcodes, and one each in Henwick and Barbourne/Rainbow Hill.

A total of 39 deaths were recorded in April – the highest of the three-month period with the month seeing 70 per cent of all coronavirus-related deaths.

That month, seven people from Lower Wick and Bromwich Road died while five people living in Lyppard Grange and Battenhall and Diglis died. Four deaths were recorded in Henwick and King George’s Field.

In May, a total of 14 deaths were recorded, half of which were in Lower Wick and Bromwich Road. Four deaths were recorded in Lyppard Grange.

St Peter’s, Warndon East, Dines Green and St John’s and Worcester Town South, which includes some WR1, WR4 and WR5 postcodes across Tallow Hill, Stanley Road and Wyld’s Lane, all saw one death each.

In the rest of the county, a total of 39 deaths were recorded in Evesham between March and May – with the east of the town recording 12 deaths and the south recording 11 deaths.

Three people from Drakes Broughton and Norton died while one person died from Fernhill Heath and Ombersley. Sixteen people from Droitwich died while three people from Pershore died.

There were seven people from Malvern Wells and Priory and Barnard’s Green who died with the virus, according to the figures, with Malvern Link and Colletts Green, Callow End and Hanley both recording six deaths each.

Abberley, Holt Heath and Hallow recorded five deaths, Broadheath, Sinton & Alfrick recorded four with Upton, Welland and Eldersfield recording one death.

The number of deaths in hospitals recorded by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and Worcestershire Health and Care Trust remains at 294.

However, we've previously reported that 700 more people than usual have died between March and May this year.