MANY people will be appalled to read our front page story where Nazia Aamir tells how her hijab was pulled off by a man who tried to push her and her dog into the canal.

She describes how the man used highly offensive racist slurs and made threats to kill her and her dogs.

It must have been a terrifying ordeal for the mother-of-two while she was trying to do something as simple and mundane as walk her dogs.

Fortunately, her dog Chicago was able to scare off her attacker and another dog walker was on hand shortly afterwards to offer some comfort and kindness.

This is a nasty thing to happen in our beautiful city and many will feel the same anger and disbelief as the woman who helped her, Dawn Brown, who said: “She is a lovely lady and she didn’t deserve this”.

Nobody deserves to be treated this way.

We all have the right to go about our daily lives without having to endure such thuggish behaviour.

We hope the police will be able to catch this man quickly to give Nazia back some peace of mind.