A DOG owner was left devastated after his beloved pet with cancer lost a “severe amount of blood” after cutting her paw on smashed glass in a popular Worcester park.

Liam McDermott had to cut short his daily walk with his Springer Spaniel, Iris, after her paw was slashed open by broken glass in Lansdowne Park.

Mr McDermott said Iris’ condition is now “touch and go” as the nine-year-old is undergoing chemotherapy after she was diagnosed with third stage mast cell cancer three weeks ago. The treatment has destroyed her immune system and red blood cell count which has left her anaemic.

Worcester News:

Mr McDermott, from Worcester, said: “The severe blood loss caused by this cut has set Iris’s treatment back tenfold and we have been told that this is the worst thing that could have happened to her current prospect of recovery.


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Worcester News:

“The poor little thing. We are now having to go out before walking the dogs to clear up the litter, to then go home and walk them. It takes time out of their walk though. I’m angry and frustrated. Someone needs to monitor the park.

“There’s no consideration for children and pets - bottles have been left scattered and smashed. It’s terrible – I’m gutted. She is a little fighter.”

After a £288 vet bill at Henwick Road Vets, Iris has had stitches in her paw and is on medication following the incident on June 9.

Mr McDermott, who was walking all four of his dogs at time, said: “The park has been ruined by the ignorance of people meeting and drinking together in the park during this current pandemic.”

Mr McDermott has had the Springer Spaniel since she was four weeks old.

City councillor Joy Squires, who represents Arboretum ward, said: “I am sad to hear about this injury.

“I was told earlier this week about recent anti-social behaviour in Lansdowne Park. I reported that immediately and asked the city council to take appropriate action, involving the police if necessary.

“Hopefully that will deter anyone set on causing trouble.”

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: “We’re very sorry to hear about this incident.

“The city council’s neighbourhood team visit Lansdowne Park two to three times a week to clear away litter and rubbish, including any broken glass.”