I think we can all agree the reopening which happened on Monday for many shops in the city was well and truly enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. Judging by the queues, shown in the Worcester News, people were very happy to return to a more normal way of life. Even though at the moment we have to observe two metre social distancing, it is lovely to be able to actually see what we are buying up close.

Another very welcome development this week has been the success of the campaign by Marcus Rashford, the 22-year-old Manchester United and England footballer. Marcus wrote an open letter to MPs describing his own childhood and asking them to extend the free school meal vouchers throughout the summer holidays. It means those 1.3 million children who are eligible should now not go hungry during the holidays. A great achievement for such a young player to influence a government decision - showing the popularity of football has an amazing ability to instigate change.

It is disappointing the annual Worcester City Run will not take place this September. I was looking forward to officially starting the Run – but it’s a real shame for all the citizens who look forward to this annual challenge. It is wonderful news that the virtual runs will take place to raise money for the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust - good luck to all you virtual runners!

Monday is Armed Forces Day and a flag will be raised at the Guildhall to remember all those brave men and women who put themselves on the frontline to protect us, our freedoms and our way of life. We remember them and their families. It was very sad to hear of the death of Dame Vera Lynn. She was an inspiration and a source of hope during the dark days of WW2 and loved by everyone.