SHOCKING details have emerged about why Ofsted forced a Worcester children’s home to close.

Inspectors said Green Hill Lodge must close until the end of August after two inspections highlighted problems.

Their report said not enough had been done at the home in Merrimans Hill Road to safeguard children’s dignity.

Inspectors found staff poorly managed a girl who undressed in a public area which resulted in the naked child moving to three different parts of the home before staff managed to secure her dignity. The incident log describes the child being distressed and redirected to the downstairs toilet by staff. The child was told by staff to go to her bedroom before she moved of her own accord into a bathroom.

The home was also criticised for an “institutionalised approach” to hygiene as some bathrooms did not have toilet roll, soap or towels.

Children were forced to ask staff for these items whenever they needed to use the toilet.

A further issue raised was that staff had resorted to throwing away children’s soiled clothes due to inadequate laundry facilities.

Inspectors found staff were filling up mop buckets from the bath to clean up bodily fluid, but there was no dedicated place to dispose of water waste or to enable staff to wash soiled children’s clothes.

Inspectors said the manager had not ensured that the staff team has the experience, qualifications and skills to meet the needs of all the children living in the home, and as a result, the registered manager is not currently working in the home.

They said the significant shortage in practice and weaknesses in the management of care have left children’s safety, welfare and dignity compromised.

The report, released on June 18, followed an inspection on June 2 and 3.

This was a reinspection after concerns were first raised after an inspection the previous month.

The children’s home is registered by Worcestershire Children First and can accommodate up to eight vulnerable children including those who had suffered traumatic experiences and others with a learning disability. The home has been temporarily closed from June 5 until August 27.

An Ofsted spokesman said: “We suspended the registration of this residential children’s home on June 5, which means that it is closed temporarily, because we had concerns about the quality of care in the home children were receiving.

“As the regulator of children’s homes, our priority is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children living in them.”