THE headteacher at the school where Oscar Saxelby-Lee is a pupil has called his return home "the best news ever."

Kate Wilcock, head at Pitmaston Primary School, said she will be talking to Oscar's classmates today to let them know that Oscar has arrived back at his St John's home cancer free after eight months overseas undergoing gruelling pioneering cancer treatment.

And she said staff and pupils at the school cannot wait for him to be back in class.

She said: "This is what they've been waiting to hear.

"It's absolutely the best news ever. The news just keeps getting better and better - going from cancer free to booking flights to getting on the plane and so, so excited to hear he's home.

"It's been over such a long period of time that we've been waiting for this.

"There's just been so many different events to get to this point - to know the CAR-T treatment was actually working, it's just got better and better.

There's been plenty of ups and downs to get there but this is the absolute icing on the cake that he's coming home cancer free and it's worked."

The school, in St John's, has supported Oscar since his diagnosis with T cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia at the end of 2018 when he was a reception pupil.

They initially organised a donor drive at the Malvern Road school which attracted nearly 5,000 people to sign up with DKMS as potential bone marrow donors.

When Oscar's bone marrow transplant failed just a few months later, they also backed the Hand in Hand for Oscar appeal for £500,000 to pay for specialist treatment in Singapore.

Mrs Wilcock encouraged other schools to join the fundraising mission with 'Oscar days' in a bid to raise the huge sum through the Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust.

Mrs Wilcock added: "Our future plans now will be to support Oscar and his family and even start some learning at home. Then we will be working really closely with Olivia, Jamie and Oscar for some transition into school.

"That will be the best day when he walks back through the door at Pitmaston Primary."