OUR high streets have long been a source of unique, specialist and independent traders, and many have gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Some have adapted, for example many restaurants have offered takeaway or pick up, while others have embraced the power of social media or became part of the nation's army of helpers and volunteers in their community.

Even in tough times such as this, there are a number of traders in and around Worcester who are providing their customers with the best possible service.

At the Worcester News, we hope to shine a light on an exceptional trader each week who goes the extra mile for their customers or has fought the odds to go from strength to strength.

Tell us who you think deserves more recognition

Worcester News:

Independent shops and traders are opening up for business again

And as the lockdown is eased, more and more traders are able to open their doors again, adding to the shops selling essential items that have got us through the last few months.

Once they return, they will get back to serving the communities that appreciate them so much.

If you know of a business or have a business that deserves a moment in the spotlight, you can let us know.

Let's give some well-earned praise to our local traders – they deserve it.

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