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Worcester News:

Alfie Delevante with his new baby brother Benjamin Andrew Delevante

ALFIE Delevante with his new baby brother Benjamin Andrew Delevante in Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Benjamin was born on February 22 to Worcester couple Rebekah Delevante and Andrew Delevante, weighing 7lb 11.5oz. Rebekah said: “Our Benjamin was two weeks’ overdue so I had to be induced. The Ruby Team is amazing! We had to stay in overnight but he cleared all checks and we got to go home the next day.”

Worcester News:

Piper May Houghton

A PEACEFUL-looking Piper May Houghton was born four weeks before lockdown on February 23 at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to Kira May Thompson Hughes and Bradley Houghton. The Worcester couple’s baby weighed 5lb 9oz at birth.

Worcester News:

Harrison Thomas Lane

HARRISON Thomas Lane was born weighing 7lb on April 12 at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to proud parents Amy Rice and Jameson Lane.

Mum Amy said: “Harrison arrived via emergency C-section in the middle of lockdown, and due to complications we had to stay in hospital for five days afterwards.”

Worcester News:

Avaya Iris Janet Cwik

AVAYA Iris Janet Cwik, pictured at five weeks and four days old, was born on May 7 to mum and dad Ami Ketteringham and Adrian Cwik. The couple, who live in Lower Wick, Worcester, saw Avaya come into the world weighing 5lb 7oz. Mum Ami said: “The midwives and other NHS staff who looked after me were amazing and you wouldn’t have known Covid-19 was going on! They make you feel so relaxed and reassured!”

Worcester News:

Macie Jayne Price

MACIE Jayne Price was born to Worcester couple Terri Hughes and Luke Price on March 1, weighing 4lb 15oz, at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Macie made a speedy entrance into the world – mum Terri only had a 25-minute labour after being induced. Terri said: “Macie was born at 9.05pm and we went home the next day.”