HOPEFULLY pretty soon now it will be everyone back on the education bus and pupils and students returned to class.

But no doubt just as they settle down it will be everybody off again for summer holidays. Which will make the 2020 Trinity term one of the shortest ever.

What a palaver. And the biggest education rumpus in Worcester since they made a bit of  pig’s ear over changing the name of good old Worcester Tech (aka Worcester College of Technology) in 2014.

The college had its origin in a School of Design which was opened in Pierpoint Street, Worcester, in 1851.

In 1894, a School of Science and Art was built in Sansome Walk as part of the Victoria Institute and this served as the headquarters of the college until 1962 when the new buildings in Deansway were occupied.

In 1991, the college adopted the name Worcester College of Technology, which was really just a jigging around of Worcester Technical College. Whatever, to most local people it remained “Worcester Tech”.

But the educational fertilizer really hit the fan six years ago when Worcester College of Technology planned a merger with Bromsgrove’s North East Worcestershire College and wanted to call itself Worcestershire College.

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Cue outrage from Sir Peter Luff, who had been Worcester’s MP in the mid-1990s, but in the meantime had gained a knighthood and was now MP for Mid-Worcestershire.

During the consultation phase of the merger Sir Peter complained that Worcestershire College made it sound like it was the only college in the county and this would be unfair to South Worcestershire College and Warwickshire College, which both had campuses in Worcestershire.

Business and Skills Minister Matthew Hancock, now the high profile Health Minister, agreed and blocked the move,saying it would be “misleading” and that the fresh branding should not “suggest pre-eminence” over other sites.

So the college governors went back to the drawing board and came up with Heart of Worcestershire College and everyone was happy.

But to those with long memories, the straggle of college buildings which has gradually seemed to  take over Deansway, much as the city’s university has snaffled other sites, will always be known as Worcester Tech.

However, it’s a generational thing and 20 years on no one will remember the old name. Just as I expect no one remembers now that back in the Sixties the first phase of Worcester Technical College was voted the ugliest building in the city.