TRAVELLERS who encamped on a rugby field have left faeces behind and caused damaged to a memorial bench for a 13-year-old boy who died.

A local resident, who asked not to be identified, said travellers parked their caravans at the site in Hanbury Road, Droitwich, on Tuesday (June 23) and were there for two days.

The eyewitness posted on Twitter last week: “Droitwich RFC does a massive amount for the local community - blood donations, foodbank etc.

“They now have travellers on site. This could cost the club money they haven’t got.”

He later added: “The ‘travellers’ have now left.

“£3,000 on clean up including faeces spread in doorways and walls. How does the law accept this?”

He added: “I believe it’s the cost from Environmental Health to clean the walls and doorways where they defecated and spread it around. Obviously it needs to be cleaned off, and the club have been running a foodbank since lockdown.”

The resident said a memorial bench which was installed three years ago for 13-year-old James O’Mara has also been damaged. Families of children who attend the rugby club raised over £1,000 after James died, for the bench.

He added: “It’s had some sort of white paint thrown over it.

“Our age group raised the money for it when we lost James and it was over £1,000 so it’s really important to us.”