SHOPPERS have wished the former owners of an independent toy shop in Worcester a happy retirement.

The owners of Wise Owl Toys, Heather and Mark Stewart, closed the store doors on Saturday (June 27).

The couple have now retired after running the shop in Charles Street for 20 years.

Following the store’s closure, Worcester News readers flocked to the comments section and left positive messages to the couple.

Charlotte Clucas said: “Thank you for all the times you played with and explained the games before we bought them. Popped down yesterday and got some great bargains that we've been playing today. Who needs home-schooling when you've got Shakespeare Brain box! Enjoy your retirement - we'll miss you.”

Nigel Fox said: “Great shop bought many of my god son’s toys from there. Very friendly staff. End of an era.”

Mia Brack said: “So sad to see this lovely shop go. The owners and staff were so helpful. Good luck for the future.”

Jon Alix Haywood said: “Well done to them for all of the great advice on toys and left-handed writing support. Our girls used to spend their birthday money on play mobile when they were young. Shame it’s going but good luck.”

Maxine Shellam said: “Such a lovely shop. Many a lovely present bought when my son was little. They were also fantastic with giving lots of help and advice when he was diagnosed with dyspraxia and needed reading rulers and pencil grips. Great little shop.”

Louise Carter said: “Happy memories of popping into your wonderful shop with my now 18- and 20-year olds! Many of your toys and puzzles are still going strong and enjoyed by my little nieces and nephews. Thank you! Wishing you a happy retirement.”