A FAKE speed camera has been installed in a village to deter would-be law breakers.

It is not known who installed the camera in Kempsey, which is made out of cardboard and painted yellow.

A picture posted on a community Facebook page shows the cardboard deterrent attached to a lamppost on the A38 near to Windmill Lane.

Malvern Hills District Council cllr David Harrison, but speaking on behalf of Kempsey residents, said: “There is a speeding issue in the village.

“We have a sign which flashes up if drivers exceed the speed limit but I don’t see any harm with this fake speed camera and I’ve seen it slow cars down.”

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A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “Whilst we appreciate local residents’ concerns regarding speeding issues, this is a matter which is enforced by the police. For public safety, any unofficial cameras need to be removed by the highway authority.”