A BUS driver has said he is not prepared to be spat at and threatened whilst asking people to wear face masks before using public transport.

The government has made it compulsory to wear face masks when travelling on public transport, but bus drivers in Worcester have said some people ‘point blank refuse’ to comply and some have even been subjected to abuse.

Brendan Tally a worker for a transport company, said: “Bus drivers are not responsible for enforcing the mask rule.

" I will not be abused, spat at and threatened, by people who think they are an exception to the rule.

“The only people that can enforce the rule are police officers.

"It is not fair to take it out on key workers who have kept buses and trains running in these desperate times.”

Mr Tally wrote to us in response to a comment made by a Worcester bus user, Adam Teague.

Mr Teague said: “What is the point of the government putting in new laws and regulations, just for bus drivers to ignore.

“I have seen many times now people get on the bus without being challenged.

"This is for the good of the nation and must be enforced.

"If this means bus drivers have to deal with irate passengers so be it.”

From June 15, the government ordered everyone who was using public transport in England to wear a face covering.

"Under the new rules operators are able to prevent passengers who refuse to comply from travelling and police can issue fines of £100.

Rob Hughes, Operations Director at First Worcester said: "We are two weeks into the new government ruling whereby everyone who wishes to use public transport should wear a face covering unless they have an exemption.

"Generally, I am pleased with how well people have been doing in complying with the new rule as also stressed by our drivers, helping to keep them and the travelling public safe when travelling by bus.

“However, we have experienced a few incidents where our drivers have advised people that a face covering is required to travel and a small minority of people have point blank refused to wear one. This behaviour is not helpful and shows total disregard to the safety of themselves and everyone travelling on the bus.”