A PROLIFIC bike thief has been banned from certain areas of Worcester and Malvern after months of persistent offending.

Ben Wilde will no longer be able to enter the Barbourne or Arboretum parts of Worcester, or certain areas of Malvern, after he was given a three-year Criminal Behaviour Order at Kidderminster Magistrates court on June 29.

22 year-old Wilde has regularly been the subject of wanted appeals by West Mercia Police, and DC Carl Shenton said he hopes it will deter him from returning to his old ways.

He said: "We applied for a CBO following the recent offending by Wilde and the high number of pedal cycle thefts, having acknowledged the significant impact on the victims and wider community.

"We hope the order will deter him from reoffending and enable better control of him in the community.

"The public are encouraged to report any breaches of this order to the police by reporting on our website."

The CBO also prevents Wilde from being in possession of any bicycle without a valid and certifiable proof of ownership.

He also cannot be in any dwelling or on any property, including outbuildings or gardens, without prior permission and is not allowed to enter any areas where access is clearly forbidden.