AN access ramp and footpath at the new Crookbarrow Way footbridge, that appears finished, is still yet to fully open to the public.

Worcestershire County Council says the path is not yet ready, due to lockdown and having four contractors not able to finish work off, but the aim is now to have it completed by August.

Back in December 2019 we reported that the pedestrian footbridge over the A4440 Southern Link Road had opened to the public, while work was continuing to complete the access footpath and ramp to and from the Crookbarrow Way footpath.

At the time Worcestershire County Council said it was expected this work left would be completed and ready to open “in the new year”.

But Danny Brothwell, chairman of Bike Worcester, has pointed out that, midway through 2020, the site is still not finished with railings up and, at times, pedestrians have been blocked off from using it.

Mr Brothwell said: “Access was opened up about a month ago, but there still appears to be work to be carried out, loads of fencing and barriers up, and signs saying cyclists to dismount.

“All of this looks finished, why is it not opened up? If it is still needs finishing, why have the contractors not come back?”

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A spokesman for Worcestershire County Council said: “Work on the ramp was almost complete when the country went into lockdown.

"Unfortunately the finishing touches involve four different contractors, that were all affected by the lockdown event. Knowing that the work couldn’t be completed over the lockdown period, we opened the ramp on a temporary basis. We are now aiming to finish the work by August. Once the work is completed the signage and barriers will be removed.”

The Crookbarrow Way bridge was designed as part of the council’s ‘Active Travel Corridor’ between Worcester city centre and Pershore via Worcestershire Parkway, to make the route more attractive and accessible for walkers and cyclists.