A HEROIC family risked their lives to help save a driver after he crashed on the motorway.

Chloe Hope and Thomas Hall helped a man after he “lost control” and smashed his car into the central reservation on the M5 Junction 5 (Droitwich).

The couple found the man on the passenger’s seat “flopped over” while blood “poured” from his mouth and head after he hit a motorway barrier, crossed four lanes of traffic and hit the central reservation.

He was taken to hospital in a critical condition.

Miss Hope, aged 20, said: “Our day turned into a nightmare. It was traumatic.

“My partner opened the car door to find a puddle of blood.

"He was bleeding from his head and mouth, and the air bags had gone off which were covered in blood.

“We couldn't get the man out the car to do CPR, so we continued to talk to him and make sure he was still with us, by checking his pulse on his wrist.

“A few seconds later he appeared to be having a fit as he started shaking really bad.”

After the emergency services had been called, Miss Hope stood by the motorway slip road entrance to block traffic, while Mr Hall attempted to stop oncoming cars by standing in the middle of the road.

Miss Hope said: “We risked our own lives to help.

“It created a long queue of traffic as we didn’t want cars crashing into him.

“It was hammering down with rain.

“I hope this bloke is a fighter and we hope he’s OK. We want to see if this man is still alive so we can be at ease.

“I am very still very shaken up about it. I have never experienced a car crash.

“My partner keeps on getting flash backs and he will now only drive in the slow lane on the motorway.”

Police officers, fire crews, ambulance and traffic officers were called to the scene and the 50-year-old man was taken to Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a "critical condition."

An ambulance spokesman said: “We were called at 10.01am on Saturday, June 27 to reports a car had hit the central reservation on the M5 south at Junction 5.

“Two ambulances attended, along with two critical care cars and a paramedic officer.

“Upon arrival, crews found the driver of the car, a man, in a critical condition.

“Staff quickly administered advanced life support on scene before taking him on blue lights to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham for further treatment.”

The pair said they believed the victim, was driving a black Nissan GT-R "fast" before his back wheel span in a puddle and he "lost control".

The Malvern couple left their eight-month-old baby boy in the car, along with their friend’s six-year-old daughter and blocked the car windows to avoid them from seeing the shocking scene.

Police are appealing for witnesses of the crash and anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting 189S 270620.

The emergency services closed the M5 southbound Junction 5 to Junction 6 (Warndon) following the crash.

Drivers were warned to expect around 2.5 miles of congestion and at least 30 minutes added to normal journey times.