DRIVING instructors from around Worcestershire will be gathering in memory of a colleague who died recently.

Adrian Care, known as Ade from Drive with Care, touched the lives of many in the community and was described as a “passionate and caring driving instructor” by his family.

News that the 51-year-old, from Blackpole, had died inspired driving instructors to organise an event in tribute of their colleague. They also want to raise awareness of mental health issues for men.

The organisation is hoping to get as many instructor cars to meet on Saturday, July 4, and for the vehicles to spell out RIP ADE, in tribute to the instructor who was “well known and loved by many” in Worcester.

Shaun Cooper, secretary of the Worcester and District Driving Instructors Association, of which Ade was a member, said: “Ade was a kind and caring man, he would do anything for anyone, and relished his job as a driving instructor. He would work long hours, but his job and family were what helped Ade keep his mental health illness in check, but he rarely talked about his illness.

“We hope that this event is a fitting tribute to our friend.”

Driving instructors have not been able to work during the coronavirus lockdown period. However, following an announcement last week, they have been told that they can start teaching again from July 4.

Ahead of the gathering for Ade this Saturday, Mr Cooper added: “We have completed a full risk assessment for the event and we are asking all driving instructors taking part to remain in their cars to ensure we meet social distancing requirements. We will be asking for a donation on arrival, where all funds will go to a mental health charity that is yet to be agreed.”

The time and place is yet to be confirmed. The group are appealing for sports clubs or any other organisation with an available large outdoors space, so they can use it for the gathering on Saturday.

If anyone can help, call John Grayson on 07702 188031.