A WOMAN says “horrific” fly tipping near her Worcester home is making her depressed.

A resident of Kennet Green, who doesn’t want to be named, has complained about the “huge problems” on a nearby street – Williamson Road.

The targeted road is the street off hers, and she says she has travel past it everyday when returning to her apartment from work.

The resident said at the beginning of the year rough sleepers encamped on the street, but now the area has been targeted by fly tippers.

Items such as a sofa, patio chairs, kitchen clock, bricks, child’s pram and a bath have been spotted in the waste.

The woman said: “We had a huge problem last year with rough sleepers setting up camp in manmade tents on the rack area on Williamson Road.

“It was unsightly and intimidating when going past.

“I was commuting to Birmingham every day for work, so I was walking past the site late at night to get home from the train station."


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She added: “This area has now become rife with fly tipping.

“I don’t know if there are needles, rats, or human waste in there. I don’t want to go rifling through it.

“Debris is growing in size daily and I am extremely concerned this will become a health hazard.

“It’s illegal and it looks horrific. It’s absolutely disgusting.

“It seems this last year the area is going to the dogs. It makes me depressed driving past it every day.”

The 47-year-old, who has lived in her apartment since 2000, added: “I don’t know who is dumping this rubbish.

“It’s horrendous

“Before lockdown the rough sleepers had moved on, however they had left a little bit of debris.

“It looks like someone has had a massive clearance or someone is renovating their home, as there is all sorts in there.

“I don’t know who is doing it.

“This has been going on even since the tips have reopened.”

She says the residents are disgusted and upset as there is no other access road and they’re forced to travel past the “eyesore” to get home.

The resident said she reported the issue to Worcester City Council but was told that because the waste is on private land and not maintained by the council nothing can be done.