SIR – Your lead letter writer on July 1 (We need cycle path to reach the station) asks ‘Can we have a cycle path from the new Worcestershire Parkway railway station?’

In the same edition you report how Councillor Alan Amos feels cycling is ‘just a phase’ and how Worcestershire County Council has only managed to secure half of its bid for Government funding to enhance cycling and pedestrian routes due to ‘entirely missing the point’.

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The so-called ‘Active Travel Corridor’ between Worcester City and Worcestershire Parkway station has recently had its pedestrian recommendation removed from its signs because it remains dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists in several places due to the cancellation of planned works to make it safe.

The car loving cohort of Cllrs Geraghty, Amos and Pollock need to move aside and allow others to deliver the council endorsed Transport Strategy for Worcestershire in all its forms, not just for the benefit of car users.