A NURSE is left distraught after she discovered her bike was stolen from outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital while she was working the night shift.

Reena Varghese, from Worcester, was horrified to find her bike missing when she finished the night shift at 7.30am.

She had secured her bike on the rack outside the main entrance of the hospital before starting her shift at 7pm the previous day (July 1).

Reena, who works in Avon 2 unit, called her husband, Allwyn, in tears following the theft.

Allwyn said: “When she called me, she was crying and told me someone had stolen her bike, so I went to pick her up.

“She was so sad – she had an attachment to that bike; she was so happy with it and was so comfortable riding it.

“I feel bad.”

He added: “It wouldn’t bother us as much if we weren’t going through a pandemic, but because of the coronavirus my wife has been working hard and using the bike to get to work.

“Surely if someone saw a bike outside a hospital it would only be a patient or a member of staff, so why would anyone steal it?

“They should know that the person riding a bike to work is not rich and cannot afford a car.

“It’s so pathetic especially in the current situation. A thief targeting a hospital for their profit.

“It’s a real shame someone has decided to do this.

“People don’t seem to have any sense.

“It’s not fair to steal from a hospital.”

The stolen bike is described as a Claub Butler and is grey in colour.

Allwyn bought the bike for his wife six months ago second hand, which cost £200.

A police spokesman said: “Shortly after 8am we received a report that a bike had been stolen from outside Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

“The crime happened between 6.50pm Wednesday evening and the early hours of Thursday morning.

“Anyone who was visiting the hospital or working there overnight that saw anything suspicious is asked to contact West Mercia Police on 101 quoting incident number 91 of July 2.”