THE CROWN in Worcester opened its doors at 8am this morning expecting a crowd - however, a manager at the pub chain said there were more staff than customers until 10am.

The Wetherspoons in Crown Passage was relatively quiet when a Worcester News reporter visited at 11 this morning.

Management said: "We are expecting it to pick up from lunchtime. But it was a surprise that nobody was here at 8am this morning, we were expecting queues and people camping out and all sorts. I guess people are still being cautious."

The restaurant and hotel in the city has installed a plethora of safety measures including, hand sanitising stations a one way system, cleaning staff, door staff, disposable menus, signage and socially distanced tables.

Entrance doors were also pinned open to increase air flow and reduce hand contact points.

Customers are encouraged to order using the Wetherspoon app, where possible, directly from their table.

Where customers are unable to order from their table, such as they don’t have a smartphone, they will instead be allowed to order from one of the designated till points at the bar.

However, customers may not remain at the bar and will be asked to return to their table once they have ordered and paid.

Contact details must also be provided as part of the NHS Test and Trace initiative to ensure people can be contacted in the event someone is diagnosed with coronavirus.

Details will be stored confidentially by the pub team and forms will be securely destroyed after 21 days. to allow