IT was a busy night for police yesterday as pubs opened across the city centre for the first time since lockdown began.

Police say most people managed to enjoy themselves responsibly.

LLPT - South West Mercia Police tweeted: "Busy night across three divisions but the majority were out to enjoy themselves responsibly. Small instances of disorder that were quickly resolved with us backing up @SWorcsCops, @EveshamCops,

@BromsgroveCops and @HshireCops. #Teamwork"

However, a man was arrested yesterday for crashing into an innocent driver on his way back from a jolly in Worcester.

Police say the man was unfit to be driving after consuming drink and drugs earlier today.

BTP Gloucestershire Worcestershire & Herefordshire tweeted: "Doesn’t bode well unfortunately for #PubsReopening 1 male arrested for being unfit through drink/drugs in #Worcester following collision with another innocent driver. It’s going to be a long shift."