WELCOME to the world Georgia. And what a world you have come into.

We couldn’t have predicted what has happened in the past few months. A worldwide pandemic. Communities in lockdown and families split apart.

Covid-19 has changed everything; the way we can meet up; the restrictions on normal life; and no hugs. Of course, Georgia, you will be oblivious to all this.

As I write you are now four days old. But despite the problems, there is no need to worry.

Your Mom will keep you safe; your brother and sister will love you up; and Grandad and Nana will give you as many hugs and cuddles as you need. And then some more.

And in the future we will tell stories of you being born in crazy times. And that is the point.

There will be a future. You are not the only baby to be born in these Covid-times. And each new bundle of life gives us glimmers of hope and new potential.

It reminds us that despite all the things going on there is only one thing that matters: LOVE.

Remember Georgia that you are loved. It seems to me that love is the most powerful thing in the world. It puts the needs of others first.

And in the face of hatred and horror it stands as the only answer.

You will have no memories of this strange situation. You will have to rely on us for stories about facemasks and handwashing; of social distancing and the sad things that have happened.

And we will tell those stories to remind ourselves of what was like and how, with resilience and courage, people pulled through.

And we will tell those stories because in these darkest of times the miracle that is you came into our lives. So, for this reason our little family will remember your entry into the world.

And now, you are in your rocker, have opened your eyes. So now it is time for a cuddle. Love Granddad.