CHANCELLOR Rishi Sunak is doing a factory tour around Worcester Bosch this morning following the announcement of his business support scheme last night. 

Mr Sunak is at the factory at the moment with tv crews doing interviews. 

Speaking at the city's largest boiler manufacturer he said: "We've moved through the acute phase of the crisis where large swathes of the economy were closed.

"We're now fortunately able to safely reopen parts of our economy, that's the most important thing that we can do to get things going.

"But, we won't know the exact shape of that recovery for a little while - how will people respond to the new freedoms of being able to go out and about again?

"We have to rediscover behaviours that we've essentially unlearned over the last few months.

"But unless activity returns to normal, those jobs are at risk of going which is why we acted in the way that we did."

"I will try and protect as many jobs as possible, we won't be able to save every one, but I am not accepting job losses as inevitable."

Robin Walker, Worcester MP is also at Worcester Bosch to welcome him.

Mr Walker said: "It is great to see Chancellor Rishi Sunak coming to speak with the business after the benefits he announced last night.

"Bosch is a huge boiler manufacturer as well as a big apprenticeship provider in the city. The new support scheme will most certianly help the business to recover."

Rishi Sunak's plans will see businesses which have furloughed staff given a £1,000 bonus to keep workers in jobs, stamp duty cut, an “eat out to help out” scheme for dining out in August to boost the hospitality sector with a 50 per cent discount per head from Monday to Wednesday up to a maximum saving of £10 per diner.

Mr Sunak will be at the Worcester factory until 9am.