PEOPLE can have pictures on their doorsteps for a fundraising initiative this weekend.

Emma Trimble and Cordelia Noble of My Baby as Art, that produces newborn photography art work of two week old babies, said after recent events they wanted to give something back.

This Saturday, July 11, is a second chance to have the photographers come to your door, and have a doorstop picture while also supporting a good cause.

Mrs Trimble said: "We wanted to turn what has happened into a positive. We wanted to do something.

"We did the first last weekend, it was a big success.

"We wanted to give something back as we photograph lots of Worcestershire Royal Hospital newborn babies, so we are raising money for the special babies of Neonatal Unit at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

"During these unprecedented times we decided to do doorstep photography which is very safe and we take photos, as said, "in the doorstep" of families, couples, grandparents and aspiring models, anyone in fact.

"It is open not just to people with babies, it is open to anyone, all ages, with pets or who just want a photo."

Mrs Trimble said they held a similar fundraiser last November, that raised around £300.

"It is very much of its time, the doorstop shoot," she said.

"It will be nice to have when people look back, hopefully with a positive outcome at the end."

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It costs £30 for a set of photographs, with £20 from each booking going to Worcestershire Royal Hospital's neonatal unit.

Felicity Cui, who had a picture with Yabo Cui as the couple are expecting their first child, said: "Cordelia and Emma visited our flat for a doorstep photoshoot last weekend and we ended up having such a fun time.

"They bought so much energy to the shoot and ended up with a selection of fun images.

"It's great to know the money goes to a good cause as well."

Anyone who wants to take part should book a slot with Emma on 07528076788. Participants have to live in the WR1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 areas.

Alternative to book a slot email, visit My Baby As Art Newborn photography on Facebook, or my_baby_as_art on Instagram.