TRAVELLERS have set up camp in a local park.

Around five caravans and some other vehicles are camped out in Power Park in St. Peters. It is not known when they arrived.

A local resident who does not wish to be identified said: “This is a prime residential park and one which children and dogs play in.

“The cars are driving around the whole park, racing up and down in the wet, and the transit is doing laps! Where are the authorities to stop them?”

A Worcester City Council spokesman said: “We are engaging with the travellers and will be conducting welfare checks before taking the necessary steps to move them on from the site.

"Where illegal occupation of land takes place, the Council will always follow its procedures to resolve the situation in the shortest appropriate timescale.

"We can’t comment further at present, given it is a live issue that may necessitate further legal action being taken.”

Last week local councillor, Richard Udall slammed the county council for failing to provide support for the travelling community after seeing trailers pull up illegally outside Hickory’s restaurant in St Johns.

Cllr Udall said: “The county council has a legal responsibility to care for and support travelling communities, including a requirement to provide emergency accommodation.

“They have consistently failed to do so, which is not only unfair to the travellers, but is also illegal, it’s also unfair to the settled communities who have to pick up the price for cleaning up illegal encampments and settlements and perpetuates prejudice against travellers.”

He added:”Worcester has increasingly seen more illegal occupation of land by travellers.

"These occupations could and should be avoided by providing legal places for travellers to stay.”