RIGHT at the start of the national lockdown, away back at the end of March, we asked readers to send us pictures of themselves and their pets as the country prepared for many, many weeks of being cooped in in the face of coronavirus.

Many of you responded, and we’ve featured a few of them here to remind you of how we all coped during those grimmer, darker days.

Now that restrictions have been eased in the lighter days of summer, we can think of no better way to celebrate than sharing your pictures of your companions, furry or otherwise, with everyone.

Send us pictures of your adorable pets here

From doting dogs and cuddly cats to bonny bunnies and huggable hamsters, pets are an enormous part of our lives, now as they were then.

Whether it’s a four-legged friend, brightly-coloured bird or fascinating fish, they become part of the family. A cherished part of our day to day life.

To celebrate the role pets play, we’d love to see your pictures and put them firmly in the spotlight.