TRADERS in Worcester say they are glad to see shoppers return to the city, but are still concerned about how social distancing is being followed.

Hundreds of people filled Worcester High Street on Saturday and the city was bustling again with shoppers and families enjoying their days out.

It appeared, however, that social distancing was not being followed, with hundreds moving around at the same time.

Andrew Connellan, who runs Connect2Vapes in Broad Street, said the shop had been busy since lockdown measures were eased, but he was worried shoppers were not observing social distancing while out and about in the city.

He said: "We are doing pretty well at the moment as we have been delivering during lockdown and continue to do so.

"Inside the shop we have got the distancing all marked out and we are only letting one person into the back room at a time, so it is going well.

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"We are doing what we can inside the shops, but people still need to keep up the social distancing outside, which they do appear to be doing largely.

"It is hard work, but it is what we all have to do to keep the infection rate down.

"Our customers are being really good with it as they are used to social distancing everywhere else, so it is working fine."

Tim Evans, who runs Toys and Games of Worcester, said his shoppers were observing social distancing and that it was good to see so many coming back after lockdown.

He said: "Today is the busiest I've seen it for a while. Not so much with people coming into the shops but people coming into the city for a day out. A large part of that being down to the cafes opening up again.

"We've had to be a bit more restrictive on the number of people coming into the shop now as this morning has been very busy.

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"You can't really control social distancing once people are outside the shop, it's a completely different kettle of fish, but everyone is being pretty good."

Some, however, did not share their enthusiasm for getting back to the city, expressing their fears over social distancing not being observed.

Ali Chapman said: "I went to take my mum for an appointment at the opticians in Mealcheapen Street, hardly anybody in that area was social distancing.

"I had to wait outside while she had her eye test and it was awful, I couldn't wait to get back home, I won`t be going again in a hurry."

Toni Ann Elfaramawy said: "I think Asda is the worst place to be. There is no point having a staff member on the door because the shop seems full and families of four-plus are just striding around with no care, taking so much space that it is difficult to keep your distance."

Beccie Bradshaw said: "I went to town and it was quiet, people keep themselves to themselves - Until I went to Primark.

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"They definitely need to reduce the number of people being let in and I don’t think they should be allowed to have so many kids in a shop.

"Kids were running around and screaming everywhere, it was way too manic for a shop where people should be maintaining distance."

Jane Anstey, however, said it is vital shoppers return to Worcester to support the city's economy.

She said: "Please come into Worcester and support your independent shops that are not busy but need customers to survive.

"They need you and are safe and give wonderful customers service."