A NEW website has been developed that allows users to report areas of their neighbourhoods that are not wide enough to allow social distancing.

The “Widen My Path” site was set up so councils and local groups can use the data they collect from residents to see where changes should be prioritised.

The community tool allows users to pinpoint on a map where they would like to see a change - and gives other residents the chance to ‘upvote’ the idea.

A spokesman for the Widen My Path website said: “Widen My Path is a grassroots, community-driven tool to enable local groups to identify where changes are needed.

“We are ramping up engagement with both groups and local authorities as quick as we can, prioritised by the density of submissions as each area’s map starts to fill up”

“You can suggest a location, or upvote an existing idea, the most popular ideas will be shown most prominently.”

The creators of the website say there are three things that must be addressed to allow adequate social distancing:

Space for cycling: By reallocating roadspace and improving junctions, space that is physically separate from both cars and pedestrians will enable people to cycle safely.

Wider pavements: Trying to stay 2 metres apart on a narrow pavement or footpath will not encourage people to visit shops and get out for exercise, so councils are considering extending pavements into the roadway.

Closures to through-traffic: Rat-running traffic can discourage people from walking and cycling, but adding a point closure can immediately transform an area.

The Worcester map already has hundreds of suggestions from local people.

There have been suggestions on all sorts of things, from alley ways, to building entrances, cycle paths and bike racks.

You can check out the map or have your say by visiting: www.widenmypath.com/worcester