A WOMAN said she was disgusted to discover human faeces on her Worcester driveway.

Jen Lobato-Woollatt caught around four men in the act in the early hours of Saturday (July 18) morning.

She said she was awoken by a van engine and headlights and then heard men talking outside her home in Gilmore Lane, Claines.

Mrs Lobato-Woollatt, aged 47, said: “A big van turned up outside the house. The lights were left on and the engine was running.

"It was a very odd thing to happen at 2.30am.


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“I went out to see what was going on. I was on my own so didn’t get too close to the men as I didn’t want to be seen, but as I walked out the front they drove away.

“I saw three wet patches. If it were just wee that would have been fine. But then I saw a big poo and the toilet paper that they had used, and they had thrown it in the hedge.

“Why the hell would someone s*** on our drive?

“It’s unbelievable. It's absolutely disgusting.”

Mrs Lobato-Woollatt said she is still in shock.

She has lived in the area for 15 years and says it’s usually a calm place.

The poo on the driveway has been cleared by a neighbour, however the used toilet tissue is still on the hedge.

Mrs Lobato-Woollatt added: “It’s a little country road so there’s no reason for anyone to be there.

“It’s never happened before.

“I feel disgusted and shocked.

“You don’t do that on someone’s drive.

“We sleep with our windows open and we are quite vigilant because there have been a lot of things going on lately during lockdown.”

Mrs Lobato-Woollatt posted on Facebook: “They were there for a while and my suspicion grew, as I walked down our pathway to investigate, they pulled away.

“I couldn't understand what they could possibly be doing in front of our houses at that time.

“Well I found out... Looks like a few people decide our front drive was the perfect spot to relieve themselves and toss their toilet paper in the hedge.

“Stay vigilant as these men were in a van and quite possibly trolling the area."

She hasn't reported the incident to the police, however is appealing for anyone with CCTV images in the area around the time to come forward.