WORCESTERSHIRE’S “all settings” coronavirus death toll has risen to 526, new figures show.

The latest Office of National Statistics (ONS) data shows three county people - with Covid-19 mentioned on the death certificate - in total died during the latest week of data available, July 3 and July 10.

The figures, which cover people who died from Covid-19 and the local authority area in which they lived, show during that week:

Two people, one from Redditch and one from Wyre Forest, died in hospital.

And one person, from Wychavon, died at home.

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There were no deaths in the county in a care home, hospice, a communal establishment or elsewhere.

And no one from Worcester, Malvern or Bromsgrove died during that week.

The latest ONS figures reveal 526 Worcestershire people, classed as having Covid-19, had died up to July 10. They include:

133 Bromsgrove residents: 74 in hospital, 54 in a care home, four elsewhere and one in a communal establishment.

115 Wyre Forest residents; 65 in hospital, 39 in a care home, nine at home and two in a communal establishment.

109 Wychavon residents; 49 in hospital, 48 in a care home, five at home, four in a communal establishment, two in a hospice and one elsewhere.

62 people from Worcester; 28 in hospital, 27 in a care home, four at home, two in a communal establishment and one in a hospice.

60 people from Redditch; 49 in hospital, eight in a care home, two at home, and one in a communal establishment.

47 people from Malvern; 24 in hospital, 20 in a care home, two at home and one in a communal establishment.