TEENAGE thugs have been plaguing residents in two areas of Worcester, with one boy throwing a brick through the windscreen of a moving car and another smashing a window.

Two incidents occurred in the city on Tuesday night, both involving gangs of teens on bikes and windows being smashed. 
In one, a teenage boy hurled a brick through the windscreen of a car with a woman and her son inside, in Wainwright Road, Warndon Villages. 

Victim Jennifer Edwards, from Warndon Villages, said: “My son and I were driving home from Tesco Express when we saw about 20 lads on bikes riding around. 

“They threw a brick at the windscreen and it shattered in my son’s lap. I am absolutely fuming.

She said her son is still shaken up by what happened. 
Ms Edwards reported the incident to the police and a 14-year-old boy was later arrested in connection with the incident.

Meanwhile, at around 9pm on the same evening, a stone was thrown by a boy on a bike, shattering a window at the home of Sarah Jones in Barbourne. 
CCTV footage provided by a neighbour of Ms Jones shows 12 teens on bikes riding past the front of her house in Crown Street. 

One boy can be seen to pull his arm back and then a loud bang can be heard. The teenager then shouts to his friends: “I just smashed that window, I just smashed that window.”

Ms Jones, 50, who lives with her partner and her 80-year-old mother, said: “This is not the first time we have had trouble like this round here. Last summer a bunch of lads were throwing eggs – that is why next door had the CCTV installed. 

“It made us want to move, it got that bad. My poor mum lives with us, she has been sheltering at home by herself a lot as me and my partner work. I worry about her being alone. She is on edge because of it all.

“They travel in big gangs, it is definitely frightening, we do feel threatened, we don’t know if we are being targeted or if it is just a senseless attack.
"We heard the window break at about nine at night, I went out in my dressing gown to confront them, but only saw the back of two of them as they raced around the corner.  

"We have reported it to the police, and I will be taking it further. It is not right to make people feel unsafe in their own homes, not to mention the cost of replacing the window.”

Regarding the brick being hurled through the windscreen, a spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “Officers received a report from a member of the public on July 21 that they had had a brick thrown at their car window by a young boy on a bike travelling with a group of other young boys on bikes, whilst driving along Wainwright Road in Worcester around 6.30pm.

“There were no injuries however there was considerable damage to the car window.
"A 14 year-old boy from Worcester was later identified, located at Perdiswell Leisure Centre and arrested at around 8pm on suspicion of causing criminal damage. He was later released on police bail.”

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