A WORCESTER man has been left with multiple injuries trying to protect his dog who was attacked in Fort Royal Park.

Will Dermietzel, 32 was walking his dog, Franklin, in the park on Tuesday at around 4pm when he says another dog attacked them both.

The Worcester doorman of London Road said: "Franklin and I were walking through the park, as we do most days, Franklin was on a lead and a harness as there were lots if other dogs and children around.

"All of a sudden a large dog came hurtling towards us, Franklin, being the softie that he is didn't know what to do so he rushed straight to me. I tried to pick him up but the other dog already had his jaws clamped around his middle. I was trying to fight him off but he wouldn't budge, he was really strong.

"I could see the owner rushing to help, but it was too late, Franklin had suffered major injuries to his torso and tail and I had blood all over me from where I had tried to protect Franklin and ended up being bitten.

"The owner sort of sheepishly apologised and then ran off! I was left on the floor holding Franklin covered in blood. What surprised me is that the park was so busy as it was nice and sunny, and not one perosn stepped n to help or see if we were alright.

"I managed to get back to my car, I took Franklin straight to the vets and then when I knew he was in safe hands, took myself to A&E."

Mr Dermietzel had major lacerations to his hand and was told he may have permanent nerve damage, a diagnosis that would have ended his career as a doorman and professional boxer.

He continued: "There are so many parts to this story which is why I had to share it. The dog that attacked Franklin should never have been off a lead, I think he should have also been muzzled.

"The dog owner is obviously very irresponsible. I am a boxer and a doorman, I have seen it all in my career but for me, this attack was the most traumatic thing I have ever been through. I was trying so hard to protect Franklin, the noises he was making as he was being attacked will haunt me forever.

"I am quite a big bloke and I found it difficult to defend us from the dog, if it had been my girlfriend walking Franklin or heaven forbid, a child the dog had attacked, this could have ended very differently."

Mr Dermietzel described the dog large with pitbull/bull dog characteristics. Mostly white with tan spots. He describes the owner as mid 20s, with a buzz cut and clean shaven face wearing a grey t-shirt. 

Thankfully, three year old Franklin is now safe and well, but he did require surgery to treat his wounds.

Mr Dermietzel added: "The main thing is Franklin is okay, he is still a little worried and anxious, but he is alive. I don't know what I would do without him, he is my best friend, we do everything together.

A fund raising page has been set up to help towards the cost of Franklin's surgery. To donate visit: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/franklin?utm_term=GvWVz6v8g